Saturday, 24 April 2010

A Couple Of Thank Yous

As i was in a rush yesterday to get my Saturday Penny Black Challenge loaded and registered, before it shut, i forgot to thank a couple of people for helping me out with this blog :

The lovely Clair / Valentines for nagging me to get a blog and i finally gave in !!!, but no i won't be converted to Copics - before you think you can start again !!!!

The lovely Sharon / Bonkers About Buttons for all her help and understanding in answering my tireless questions on what to do next !!!, thanks hun.

And finally i guess i had better thank the OH for being so understanding. X


Clair said...

Aahhhh...thanks for the 'thank you'..there's really no need though! just glad you've finally got somewhere I can see all you lovely cards.

p.s....Don't think I've given up on the Copics just yet! ;O)

Sharon said...

You're more than welcome, Sam. I'm glad I could help :o)